Spellbound Swarovski Pasties by Manuge et Toi MADE TO ORDER #area51partyoutfit
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Spellbound Swarovski Pasties by Manuge et Toi MADE TO ORDER #area51partyoutfit

Spellbound Swarovski Pasties by Manuge et Toi MADE TO ORDER

Adorn your bits with Spellbound gems by Manuge et Toi Design! These fantastic pasties can be worn upside-down or right side up, and always look gorgeous. Teamed with our Deluxe Fringe Tassels or Triple Strand Swarovski Tassels, they make for a perfectly tantalizing twirl! Our Spellbound Pasties are currently available in two sizes, providing areola coverage of approximately 1 3/4" or 2 1/8". However, we are happy to develop the design in larger dimensions, if desired. Contact Christina if you'd like to be the first to order these in another size! Our Spellbound pasties are available by special order, and can be made in ANY Swarovksi colour scheme you wish! If you would like special finish rhinestones (such as Aurora Borealis or metallics), there will be an additional cost. Please message Christina for details, before completing your order. Your pasties are will arrive in a classic gift box. ABOUT OUR TASSEL OPTIONS: For more info on our Deluxe Fringe Tassels, follow this link: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/246058774 More about our Signature Triple Strand Tassels: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/181464096 ABOUT OUR PASTIES: Manuge et Toi Pasties have always been very special, as of May 2019, we’re making them even better! All Manuge et Toi Pasties are now made with our Ultimate Pastie Bases, or our Ultimate Illusion Pastie Bases! So, what has changed? - Our pastie bases are now waterproof! That’s right - you can have all the champagne baths you like in these pasties, and they won’t weaken or warp. You can even swim with them, you lucky mermaids! ;) - Our Ultimate Illusion Pastie bases are semi-transparent, with a fine mesh overlay. They can be made to blend perfectly with EVERY skin tone. Some flesh/nipple tone will show through these bases (which is the beauty of their design), but we can adjust for more or less, and in different areas of the pastie, with Christina’s intricate and stunning embellishments. - Our Ultimate Pastie bases are made the the same amazing material, but are painted to match the rhinestone hues used, so they are fully opaque (not transparent). You may also request that your pasties are partially painted, and partially transparent - the choose is yours! - Our Pastie bases work with all types of adhesives. We recommend using a tape rather than a liquid glue, for ease of cleaning. Pastie tape or toupee tape peels off cleanly, saving you time and energy! However, glue will clean off of these bases beautifully, as well. What’s the same? - We use only the highest quality rhinestones; 100% Swarovski Crystal Elements - Every step of construction is completed with meticulous attention to detail. - All Manuge et Toi Pasties are made with our exclusive 'curved apex' pastie base design: Our bases lack the pointy ‘cone tip’ of most pastie bases (better for concealment under your bra until the right moment), while still providing ample nipple space and a lovely peaked curvature! - When purchased with tassels, our pasties will include embedded spinners for your twirling pleasure! If you prefer to use your own tassels, simply request that spinners be embedded for you. Otherwise, your pasties will be made without spinners. Ultimate Pastie Care Instructions: - Keep your pasties in a hard container, to protect them against getting crushed. - Keep your pasties from being overheated (don’t leave them in a hot car or on a radiator). They are plastic, and could melt or soften, losing their gorgeous shape. - You can totally immerse your pasties in water, but avoid use detergents on them. Dry them throughly afterwards, to protect any metal components (ie: spinners) from getting damaged/rusting. If you swim in the ocean or pool with your pasties, it is a good idea to rinse them in clean water before drying and storing.


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